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Resources This list is here primarily for my own use however if you are just getting into lock sport, or are wondering where you can find more information about it, you may possibly find something here to help you out. Educational * Awesome Lockpicking * Lockpicking: Detail Overkill * Bosnian Bill's Lock Lab *
Equipment I've only recently started this new hobby so my tool chest is limited, and my skill set is still being refined. So far I've really enjoyed everything I've purchased from Sparrows Lock Picks. I have a few picks, rakes, re-pinnable locks with Schlage keyways, tension bars, as well as their Reload Kit and they are all great. I have links to other resources I've come across on my
Why Lock Picking, or Lock Sport
Why Lock Picking, or Lock Sport I want to be clear, I've picked up this hobby as it intrigues me, not because I have criminal intent. In my day job I work securing computer networks and their attached devices. IT security is a carefully built house of cards, and while there is much you can do to harden a system it doesn't take much for it to crumble. I've also found that often people put more trust in their digital security practices than they should. This isn't to say you can't be secure, you…
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