Do you have an Antivirus and Antimalware product installed? In the last week have you checked that they are updating and running properly?

When was the last time you backed up all your photos, documents and other information? What if you lost all of this today, would you be prepared?

Do you think you might be infected with a virus or malware? Are you waiting for it to just 'go away' or have you done anything about it?

Does your computer seem to be getting slower but you don't know why? Have you looked into what might be slowing it down?

More and more malware products are founding ways to disable your firewalls, antivirus and antimalware products, without you knowing it and leaving your computer totally unprotected. Trying to steal usernames, passwords, SSN's, bank account numbers and other personal data these products often start slowing down your PC, sometimes even causing it to crash at random times or act unexpectedly. Many people wait till they can't stand it, meanwhile more data is being stolen and more malware is being installed.

Did you know that most computer manufacturers don't expect you to keep a computer beyond 5 years? Many times the parts in your computer are not even designed to last much longer the 8 years. If you don't have recent backups of all your files you might want to start looking into a backup solution. When data recovery from a totally failed drive can cost hundreds of dollars just for basic diagnostic and the recovery costs going even higher there is no better time than now to start backing up your data.

Are you looking into buying a new computer because your current one is just to slow? Many times there are things that can be done to speed up your current computer at a fraction of the cost. Stopping programs from loading, uninstalling others, and sometimes replacing some computer parts can often give you just that little extra you need to keep your current computer running for a few more years.

Protect yourself and your computer, check out our services or contact us today to see how we can help with your computer needs.


How Can We Help

We offer remote and onsite computer maintenance and repair to help you with all your computer needs. Everything from virus or malware removal, data recovery, network installations, hardware installation, laptop repairs and general cleanup.

Please look over our services that we offer and always feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Our History

Remy Services, LLC has been offering help to those in the Colorado Springs, Colorado and surrounding area since 1995. In 2008 we purchased a solution that let us offer better computer support to our current customers and start offering support worldwide. We have since had remote support session span all over the United States and have broadened our customer base far beyond Colorado.

Certifications and Memberships

We are always working hard to keep up to date with the technologies that effect you, taking certifications and joining up with companies for better support.

Currently Remy Services, LLC is enrolled with Microsoft's Partner Program and Cloud Partner Programs as well as a member of the Association of Computer Repair Business Owners. David Remy has received his Network+ and Microsoft Certified Professional certifications and is continuing to certify within Microsoft arenas.